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Can Trump win New Hampshire?

The outcome of the 2016 Presidential election came down to a handful of Midwestern states in which just enough working class white voters backed Donald J. Trump to put him over the top against Hillary Clinton. Lost in all of that drama was the closeness of the contest for New Hampshire’s four electoral votes. Clinton defeated Trump in the Granite State by only 2,732 votes. Not… Read more »

Three Reasons Why Gov. Sununu’s Numbers are So Strong

The nation’s governors have the unenviable responsibility of managing their states’ COVID-19 responses and telling their residents “you can’t do that” until things settle down and we can reopen. Despite some protests, those governors have received pretty high marks for their performances. Eighty-five percent of Ohioans approve of the way Gov. Mike DeWine has handled his state’s response. Eighty-four percent of New Yorkers approve of Gov…. Read more »

Poll: Congress will need to convince Americans they need Stimulus IV

Even before Congress began debating how best to replenish small business loan programs enacted in the Phase III stimulus bill passed in the wake of the economic destruction created by the COVID-19 crisis, leaders in Washington started to push for an unprecedented Phase IV economic stimulus bill. However, they will need to convince Americans the time is now and that we cannot wait, according to a… Read more »

Klobuchar Surge Shows why this Process Needs New Hampshire

The biggest loser emerging from the early going of the Democratic nomination process is no candidate, but rather the Iowa Caucuses. Busted apps, coin flips, and quirky delegate allocations appear to have finally convinced most Americans that the Buckeye State may not be up to the task of picking our next president. When party honchos inevitably reshuffle the calendar for 2024, they should protect New Hampshire’s… Read more »

Bellwether Town’s Voters as Scattered as Dems across the Country

  My hometown of Laconia is the bellwether for the whole Granite State. I asked my Democratic friends, family, and neighbors who they were supporting in the presidential primary. Their answers were as varied as the field and as scattered as most of the polling. A condensed some of their answers into an Op-Ed for Morning Consult, which you can read HERE. Here’s an excerpt: Sen…. Read more »

Three Things to Know About Twitter’s Political Ban

Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that the popular platform would ban political advertising heading into the 2020 election. The move contrasts Twitter from Facebook, which is under increased pressure to do something more following scrutiny around the 2016 election. Here are three things to know. What: Twitter will ban ads from political candidates and issue organizations beginning this month. CEO Dorsey said that the… Read more »

RAND Study Underscores Need for Multi-platform Comms Strategy

The RAND Corporation has a new study out that confirms what we’ve all observed for some time now: The American news media are less objective, more opinionated, and more argumentative than they used to be. The study used a text analytics tool to identify word strings used in 15 news sources (print, television, and digital) going back to 1989.  “The findings point to a gradual and… Read more »

The Decline and Fall of GOP Oppo Research

I spent many election cycles plowing through piles of opposition research books throughout my career. I was often overwhelmed at the quality and volume of that research. Lately, though, I am learning all kinds of new things about top Democrats who are running for President of the United States … things I ought to have learned during their previous Senate and House races. I have a… Read more »