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is the nation’s premier agency focused on digital media and online communications strategy for public affairs clients.

Hynes offers a focused, aggressive approach to digital media strategy, the foundation of which comes from our extensive experience, creativity and passion.

Hynes strategists have been actively involved in the political blogosphere and other online communities for years, and as a result are both highly aware of the power of digital media and skilled practitioners within the field.  Hynes professionals are thought leaders who recognize why digital media, social networks, blogs, online-only publications and other web-based communities are important and will continue to grow, especially within the political and public affairs arenas.

With Facebook and Twitter attracting more than 500 million and 90 million unique visitors per month respectively, the Hynes team recognizes that social media platforms present an unparalleled opportunity for reaching and organizing supporters online.  From political campaigns to Fortune 500 companies, any organization looking to get its message out in the 21st century needs to leverage new media smartly and effectively.  That’s where Hynes comes in.

Hynes works with clients to identify the right strategy to ensure the client’s message gets out and reaches the right audiences.  Rather than getting dazzled by the latest technology, the seasoned team at Hynes Communications looks at each organization’s goals separately and leverages the right new media tools to achieve their stated goals.  This targeted approach enables Hynes strategists to move the dial in our clients’ favor, all the while providing the best value in the industry.

With digital media communications specialists in New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., and Chicago,  Hynes Communications has the scope of influence and depth of experience to deliver positive, measurable results.

Some key Senate committee moves, Sen. Gary Daniels, R-Milford, again becomes Finance Chair as he was prior to losing seat in 2018, @Morse4Senate runs as member of seven-person panel (5-2 GOP), John Reagan, R-Deerfield, vice chair and will head Capital Budget. #nhpolitics

.@Morse4Senate names Senate committees and staff, ex-lobbyist Deb Vanderbeek to be chief of staff, Joshua Elliott is deputy, Grant Bosse policy director, Carol Alfano communications director and Rich Lehmann legal counsel. #nhpolitics

Very strange: Dems attack McConnell relief package because it contains Covid liability protections for biz. Some of the same Dems back the centrist proposal that also contains liability protections. So much theater and posturing.