Hynes Communications

is the nation’s premier agency focused on digital media and online communications strategy for public affairs clients.

Hynes Communications is a nimble, multi-disciplinary agency built to develop and deliver messages to key influencers, opinion leaders, and decision makers.

For twenty years, president Patrick Hynes has crafted messages and streamlined advocacy channels for top-shelf industry, government relations, and political clients.

Hynes offers a focused, aggressive approach to communications, the foundation of which comes from our extensive experience, creativity and passion.

Hynes works with clients to identify the right strategy to ensure the client’s messages reach the right audiences. The seasoned team at Hynes Communications looks at each organization’s goals separately and leverages the right media tools to achieve their stated goals. This targeted approach enables Hynes strategists to move the dial in our clients’ favor, all the while providing the best value in the industry.

With communications professionals in New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, Hynes Communications has the scope of influence and depth of experience to deliver positive, measurable results.

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Over the last several years, the Daily Beast has dedicated itself to shaming anyone who associates with anyone who might be even slightly center-right by labeling that center-right person as alt-right, fringe, etc. https://www.thedailybeast.com/matthew-mcconaughey-keeps-flirting-with-alt-right-darlings

I’m just wondering if this should be the priority right now. #nhpolitics https://www.unionleader.com/news/health/coronavirus/alcohol-sale-expansion-becomes-focus-of-first-2021-bills/article_2bf294a6-7116-5862-bb02-19bc0ef1d71e.html