RAND Study Underscores Need for Multi-platform Comms Strategy

The RAND Corporation has a new study out that confirms what we’ve all observed for some time now: The American news media are less objective, more opinionated, and more argumentative than they used to be.

The study used a text analytics tool to identify word strings used in 15 news sources (print, television, and digital) going back to 1989.  “The findings point to a gradual and subtle shift over time and between old and new media toward a more subjective form of journalism that is grounded in personal perspective,” RAND says.

Interestingly, the study also shows the manner in which the three studied platforms present news. Television has become more argumentative. The print media has become less just-the-facts and more narrative in nature. And digital has emerged as more personal and direct than the others, “narrating key social and policy issues through personal points of view and subjective references.”

This finding underscores the needs for brands to deploy multi-platform strategies to tell their stories and defend their positions in the public affairs space. They should pay careful attention to their digital messaging to ensure it reflects the deeply personal nature of the medium.

Article by: Patrick Hynes

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